Mortimer Mouse


August 4, 1961




CEO and Founder of Mortimer's Toy Company

Mortimer is the Founder and CEO of Mortimer's Toy Company.

Early Life Edit

Mortimer was born on August 4, 1961 to Milton Mouse, a wealthy Business man and his mother Millie Mouse. Mortimer grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts and when he was 17, moved to Hartford, Connecticut. By the age of 18, Mortimer was taught the skill of his father and wanted to go into Business in college. By 1984, Mortimer had his masters in Business and started his own Toy Factory in the Fall of 1984.

Breakthrough and Success Edit

At the beginning of Mortimer's Toy Factory in November 1984, he only had 50 employees and was a very small company. The follow year in November of 1985, Mortimer's grew over 4x the amount with 225 employees and had made great sales the summer of 1985. In February of 1986, Mortimer's company moved to a Four-Story building in Uptown Albany and had its own factory next door. By January of 1987, the employee count had reach 850 and the company was worth about $800,000 by that time. Mortimer's Toy Company was becoming very big in Toy sales and revenue and they required a bigger space for officer and factory workers. In the summer of 1987, an architect proposed ideas for a 16 story highrise building in Mouseton, NY, a city just south of Albany. In the Spring of 1988, Mortimer's moved into the newly completed tower with just over 1,000 employees.